Lead Frontend Engineer @ Goal Goodies

Full-time (current)

Full-stack development (MERN stack) on a new US crowd-funding startup (prelaunch).


D3 visualization primitives as React components used for declaratively constructing animated visualizations.


Migrating existing PHP app to React while adding not-so-trivial features, streamlining devops and training other devs.


A higher-order React component that passes the browser window’s dimensions as props to the wrapped component.


Declarative REST data fetching for React.


A concise illustrated guide to visualizing data, showcasing almost 500 chart types, designed by Boris Bonev.


Sofia Art Book Fair is an annual meet-up for makers and collectors of art books, zines and periodicals. I made the website. It’s cool.


JavaScript library to convert textual words to numbers with optional fuzzy text matching.


Controlled React input that triggers onChange on blur instead of on key up.


Deep check if an identifier is defined and not null.


Populate MongoDB using JSON and declaratively create relationships between documents.

Proof of Concept

Write JavaScript verbally. With your mouth.


React component that scrolls to child refs programmatically.

Public Speaking

A discussion organized for “Clash of Technologies” by SoftServe where I argued for React and the Angular 2 side was represented by Minko Gechev (who is a boss btw).


A startup I led and developed as part of the Eleven Accelerator. A data visualization app with live data, hosted data sets, hundreds of variations of exclusive chart types & and resolution independent export formats.

Personal Project

Web application for exploring the connections between artists on SoundCloud visually as a network and finding new music.

Processing Workshop @ Sofia Art Academy


Helped teach a workshop on how to use Processing at the Sofia Art Academy.


Designing and coding interactive data visualizations. Implementing internal systems for rapidly and automatically visualizing the results of the company’s Natural Language Processing technology.


Personal Project

Mass-customized email infographics. Server-side data visualization. Micro services and message queues. (No longer active)